Cataract FAQs

Q: How long does cataract surgery take?

A: Cataract surgery typically takes only 10-15 minutes, but you should plan on being at the surgery center for about 2 hours to include preoperative preparations and post-op instructions.

Q: How long is the recovery time?

A: Generally, patients fully recover in about a week. Typically, patients experience blurry vision immediately following surgery, which will require a driver to take you home. Some patients even resume work the day after surgery, but we recommend taking a day off if at all possible.

Q: What is the difference between a standard monofocal lens and a premium lens?

A: In general, greater independence. A premium lens will provide a greater range of focus than a monofocal IOL.

Q: Is a premium lens covered by insurance?

A: For almost all cases, no. This does add some out-of-pocket expense to the patient. However, it is worth noting that the majority of cataract surgery cost is still covered by medical insurance. The surgeon’s fee, too, is covered by insurance still, because your surgeon will perform the same surgical procedure regardless of which lens you implant.

Q: Is a premium lens worth it?

A: We look at it this way: there are very few investments you can make that you will use every waking moment for the rest of your life. A PIOL is one such investment, and if it’s something that you can afford, then it’s something worth having. If a PIOL is something that you are interested in, then we recommend mentioning that at your cataract surgery consultation.