As we age, the eyelids become stretched and the supporting muscles begin to weaken. This contributes to excess skin and fat that develops around the eye making the eyebrows, eyelids, and under-eye area droopy. Along with making us appear older, the sagging of the eye often interferes with our vision, especially the peripheral vision (side view).

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects any functional issues of the eyelids, and also improves the appearance by reducing bagginess and removing excess skin. The procedure is done while you are awake and conscious, using a numbing medication injection as well as an intravenous sedative for relaxation. The surgery is usually done in an outpatient setting and after a short recovery, you are able to recuperate in the comfort of your own home.
The majority of patients are satisfied with their results, such as improved visibility, a more youthful and alert appearance, and an increase of self-confidence. Some patients’ results may last the rest of their life, while other patients may experience recurring sagging or droopiness in the next several years.